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Thoughts on God, Religion and Spirituality

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” ~ Buddha

Let me begin with: I have written thiHealings post with love and admiration for all and it is not intended to anger, offend or upset anyone. With respect to all beliefs and ideas, this post is intended to share my personal journey with God.  It is through the understanding of my own journey with God that my Divine guidance has communicated it is safe to express my experience and to share freely with you now. It is in the love of faith that I want to convey that everyone has the right to worship the way they feel most comfortable, safe and loved and it is with this understanding that is intended for us all.

My relationship with God began as it seems, a lonely, solitary road with a slow, painful walk but beautiful unveiling discovery in an understanding of faith, its meaning and what is comforting to anchor one’s soul in to nourish, find strength and love through the remaining journey of life.

Here is my story: I was raised as a Christian, and the belief in the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Angels. The word Divine or Divinity was not introduced or became part of the vocabulary I came to understand. However, through my pesonal childhood experiences of coming into the divine presence and communications, I had no clear understanding of its relevance or it’s relation to God, only that I was experiencing.

However, throughout my life, I have always questioned and pondered and researched theology, divinity and God as I’m sure most of you have in order to come upon your own comfortable belief and understanding in the Divine. For many years (in my younger days), I came to reject the idea of God (I’m not proud to say). As a child, I did not feel settled being told with a stern finger what to believe and that “other beliefs” were wrong and considering them would be a sin. The word “sin” became so toxic to me, I even rejected that idea. I became extremely turned off when the word “Jesus” was “shoved down my throat,” and I had too many negative opinions darting at me from every religious group possible and it became extremely uncomfortable and toxic for me to the point that I rejected the idea of God all together. I felt I was being pulled in too many destructive directions with the demanding force behind each belief to believe “only our way.” It is with this experience I felt I did not have the opportunity to explore or really understand God in a positive light but instead told how I must believe or else … all within a solid box nailed shut around a single “belief.”

This feeling was not appealing to me by any means and I began to negatively associate God and Religion. I heard the term and expression (still to this day); “Are you a God-Fearing Christian?” Maybe the use of these terms together, “God” and “Fear” are just an “Old School” way of convincing others strongly that you are a “believer?” As I later came into my own understanding, I rejected the term “God-Fearing” and still do.  I do not believe we should “fear” God or have a negative association with God in anyway. I thought to myself, why fear what created this beautiful earth and made us into existence? God is the epitome of Beauty and Love. Love is the highest vibration that exists and fear and hate are the lowest. With Love and Light, there is no fear! The expression should really be stated as: “Are you a God-Loving Soul?”  I even feel the positive association with this expression so much more. Tagging a religion to it such as: Christian or Buddhist or any other belief (in my experience) has nothing to do with our own acceptance or relationship with God (our Creator). Religion has its important place in the world and may be a conduit to bring us into our own belief and feelings of God but (for me) does not define God’s Love and Acceptance of us. If God only values religious belief and the basis of how we worship then how can we really know which single “one” every human should adopt in order to be “Saved?” I’m sure many disagree with this concept but my point here is that I came to realize (despite my negative experience with organized religion when I was younger) it didn’t matter what “belief” or direction I turned with my faith, as long as I simply have “Faith!” As I stated in the beginning, “everyone has the right to worship the way they feel most comfortable, safe and loved and it is with this understanding that is intended for us all.”

I didn’t even realize it at the time but later recognized, I suffered painful experiences in organized religious settings and through this suffering it caused me to reject the one source of all love and understanding, God! I believe many of us have suffered painful experiences in organized religious settings and to others it is the basis of everything. However, despite our individual road to faith, I believe that everyone (regardless of choice of worship) benefits from having some Spiritual path and belief in a loving God.  Let me add that I no longer reject or feel toxic to terms like Jesus, God, Belief etc. I have a Divine relationship with both God and Jesus and I receive their Love and communication directly and through Angels.

I am a firm believer, after my individual experiences that the best teacher (to come into your own understanding and personal belief) is just that, “experience.” I am not “Religious” or for that matter ever really was. I have always been very “Spiritual” and did not understand this until later in life. I believe Religion has its place in the world but I feel it is too limiting for me and I believe that we are all Divine, God is omnipresent and that Angels, Jesus, Mary and other beings of light who we know of, love us unconditionally without exception. Anything that separates us, makes someone less or more worthy, guilty or fearful is not coming from a source of love and therefore not what I choose. My Divine guidance is my religion; it is all based from love, not fear, hate or harm. I CHOOSE GOD and I CHOOSE LOVE! We all have Divine guidance and it is important to listen to it as you will feel safe, comforted and loved.

All comments and opinions are always welcome as long as they are not intended to discredit or disrespect anyone else’s belief or idea. For daily inspirational thoughts please follow me on twitter or Facebook. I appreciate your follow and my wish is to always inspire, uplift and help you find daily inner peace and comfort.