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Angelic Protection – A Peaceful Interaction, a Close Call and an Unexpected Photo

Archangel St. Israfel by Denise Iwaniw from The Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck

Archangel St. Israfel by Denise Iwaniw from The Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck

“God will put his angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go.” Psalm 91:11 (GNB)

We all have had encounters with our Angels; we may not even realize we have but I assure you, you have them and they are all around you and wait for your invitation to interact with you. It is hard for some to rationalize this concept if you have no conscious memory of any experiences with your Angels. It may also be difficult for those that do not feel in touch with your own gift of senses. However, you have the ability, the senses and the communication (you just may not realize it). There are numerous books and articles that offer help on how to get in touch with your senses, the 4 C’s: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairaudience.  You have all these abilities as intuitive gifts, even though you may not realize it or feel like you have ever used them. To put this concept in layman’s terms, we all are equipped with and have a built-in “Intuitive Guide System.” Just like a car comes equipped with a built-in engine. You use your intuitive gifts on a regular basis and just may not be aware of it.

Angels are Divine, Spiritual beings that are comfortable with thoughts of Peace and Love. They are here for our protection and guidance and they wait for us to call upon them for help. Angels surround us every minute of our lives. Never worry that if you ask for their help that you are taking away from them assisting others or that you can only ask for a limited amount of help. They are omnipresent like God and they are great at multitasking. They love us unconditionally and they live for assisting us in any situation. They will never interfere with our life path, our free-will or our karmic path but they can and will help us in challenging situations to reduce difficulty. They only intervene in our lives without our permission if we run into trouble or in an emergency.

One of my favorite Angel stories, although maybe fictitious for Hollywood, was demonstrated in the famous classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman, George Bailey by showing him what life would have been like if he never existed. If you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend you do. The Angel, Clarence appeared when George considered committing suicide by jumping off a bridge. George realized with the help of his Angel that his life was extremely valuable and wanted to live again. There are countless books and stories that outline and convey documented real life Angel stories like the one in the movie. I highly recommend Doreen Virtue’s, “Saved By An Angel: True Accounts of People Who Have Had Extraordinary Experiences with Angels…and How YOU can, Too!”

If you consistently work on establishing a relationship with your Angels, speak to them daily, ask and be open to their help, you will begin to feel, see, know, hear or smell their presence. Doreen has countless books on all the subjects dealing with Angles as do many other authors. One concept that is important to note: Never confuse asking your Angels for their help with prayer. We should always pray to God, never to Angels. Angels do not want us to worship them, Angels are the helpers of God; God is our Creator and Life-Path coordinator, we worship God. On rare occasions do Angels intervene in our lives without our asking, especially if we have an emergency in which we cannot foresee. Here are two accounts of my personal experience with my Angels, one is an emergency where they assisted instantly and the second is my asking for their assistance.

I was recently involved in an almost close call accident while driving in rush hour traffic in a heavily congested, stressful area. Traffic was traveling at about 45 -50 mph in a 35 mph zone.  Cars were overcrowding and would zip by without notice and cut in front of me as well as stop suddenly and turn without signaling etc. I was going with the flow of traffic and stayed about a car and a half-length behind the car in front of me. Without notice, the car in front of me SLAMMED on their breaks and smoke started radiating from their tires from the sudden STOP. I heard a crash sound but felt I had no time to react, I had no caution this was going to happen and in a split second I thought I was going to slam into the back of the car in front of me that suddenly stopped. In reality, I should have crashed into him. I did not have enough time to react or enough room to slow down and stop in time to avoid hitting. I can’t explain it but I managed to stop in literally JUST enough time BUT I could not just stop without swerving into the lane next to me. As I stopped behind this car, everything became a sudden slow motion and seemed like several minutes went by right when I swerved, I did not have time to look and check if other cars were in that lane. With the crowding of the rush hour, wall-to-wall traffic, I should have hit another car in the next lane. However, when I swerved in that lane, traffic was completely clear in just that lane and area next to me. There is no logic to explain why the traffic in only the area next to me was clear. No one had time to react to this sudden stop given the congestion. I just remember feeling shock and like I did not have control of the wheel. Immediately, I knew I avoided an accident and I clearly saw a 3-4 car collision that I managed to avoid. I still feel in shock to this day as I should have logically been in a car accident that day. The interesting part to this story is that it was exactly one day before this almost collision that I asked for my Guardian Angel’s name. To my SURPRISE and EXCITEMENT it was whispered in my ear that my Guardian Angel’s name is Sarah. Instantly after avoiding that accident, I thanked Sarah for intervening and saving me from what could have been a disaster.

Another example of a recent encounter with my Angels involved a peaceful interaction thanks to their Celestial help. I park in a shared but privately secured parking garage. However, the car that parks to the left of me always parks crooked or on the white line leaving me little room to enter or exit my car. Over the past months, my frustration has increased due to their parking negligence. However, one day I had enough when I could barely open my car door and decided it was time to bring it to their attention about their parking habits. I called to my Angels to help me as I did not want my anger or ego to take the wheel. I asked Sarah, my Guardian Angel, and my surrounding Angels to help guide me in writing a peaceful and respectful note to leave on their car bringing their attention to the ordeal but in a way that would create Peace instead of fuel their ego with Anger. When I physically wrote the note, I do not recall my mind thinking of what to say but instead my hand was guided and my Angels used their wording. My note read:


I park next to you in the black SUV and I realize you have a difficult parking space with the pole in your way. It is through this understanding that I respectfully try to park more over to give you extra room. However, when you park on the white line it gives me little room to get into my car and I have to park more over, crowding the car on the other side of me. I respectfully ask if you could be conscious of this when parking. Thank you for your consideration as I am also considerate of you.”

You can imagine my anxiety leaving a note on their car? I am not a person of conflict and dreaded having to do this. Normally I would expect conflict, ego and anger as a response. However, I was reassured by my Angels that the outcome would resolve in Peace. To my SURPRISE (even though I was already reassured by my Angels Peace was inevitable) they left a very nice note on my car the following day that read:

“You are correct and we apologize for our inconsideration. We will be more conscious of the condition we created. Thank you for being so polite.”

I knew my Angels reassured me but I had no idea the result would end as Peaceful as that. I just thanked Sarah and my Angels for their help. Without their help my anger would have caused an uncomfortable situation creating more of a conflict. Now, we both park respectful to each other and we even wave to each other in passing thanks to the help of my Angels.

My Angel Photo that was an Unexpected Surprise

My Angel Photo (An Unexpected Surprise)

One day, I had an unexpected surprise when I was walking and prompted to look up at the sun to take a picture. I didn’t understand why at the time? However, It was a beautiful day and I saw the tree’s and sun and I love nature and didn’t question it and just took the picture. I remember thinking I saw a hand as I snapped the photo and when taking this picture I did not even see the Angel until I returned home and looked at the photo again. I felt surrounded by my Angels during that walk (before I even saw the photo) as I do everyday. However, there was a reason for this photo and it was given to me as a gift by my Angels and I patiently waited to share it with you. I took another picture at the same moment right after taking this photo and it did not show any resemblance of an Angel.

My friend's photo taken in the mid 80's while on an airplane

My friend’s photo taken in the mid 80’s while on an airplane

This picture was taken by a friend’s family member in the mid 1980’s when she was flying in an airplane. She just happened to accidentally snap this photo while she was looking out the window at the clouds. She did not notice the Angel or the Angel image at the time until after the photo was developed (as per my experience with the photo I took).

Angels are Healing in every way and I posted this article for anyone struggling in any area of their life. Reach out to your Angles, they are there and they are waiting to help you, all you need to do is first Ask and second Thank them!