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Daily Outlook On Life

“Your outlook on life is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself.” ~Lululemon~

Soulful Tip: Let today be about finding your happiness:

Have you ever stopped to think about how you view life? I don’t mean how you view other people and how the world could be a better place, although this is a big topic I have many feelings on. I’m referring to how you personally look at little encounters you face every day? Does your glass tend to be half-empty or half-full? Upon waking in the morning, is your first thought positive or negative? Do you order your coffee from Starbucks with a smile in your voice; even if you have to wait an extra 10 minutes knowing it’s going to make you late to work?

When others incompetence impedes on you, do you have patience and forgive quickly or are you quick to judge and reprimand? It’s all the little things that happen to us in a day that makes up the large sum of how we view life. It’s never easy to introspect and really have a heart-to-heart with ourselves about self-improvement but have you considered how much your outlook on life might change if you did?

I’m not perfect by any means. I am a very impatient person and really despise others incompetence, especially when it impacts me. I found myself waiting in a food court line the other day in the mall waiting to order lunch. There were about 20 different restaurants to choose from but I picked one that had fairly healthy food and not a lot of people in line. There were two girls in front of me ordering when I arrived. I figured I wouldn’t have to wait long but I was wrong. There were two people working behind the counter and one was working the register while the other prepared the food. As I approached the line, the guy preparing the food (or so I thought) was standing at the grille cutting chicken, the cashier (or so I thought) was fiddling behind the counter doing something other than helping the girls in front of me. Long story short, neither of the employees were helping anyone. I then overheard the two girls flirting with the guy at the grille. I was standing there about to scream! I was waiting there for about a minute or more feeling like no one cared that customers were waiting. I am big on customer service and thought…“How can you keep customers by ignoring them?” Other people were getting in line behind me at this point and seeing two people working and no service being given was infuriating me. Just as I was about to give up and go get in another food line, the lady that was fiddling behind the counter started helping the girls in front of me by preparing their food then ringing them out at the register. The guy whom they were flirting with was still at the grille cutting chicken. I thought….geez this guy can’t stop doing that for 2 seconds to help people get through the line? Instead of getting angry and saying something negative as it was my turn to order, I said…“Hello and hope you’re having a nice day.” It was the guy at the grille helping me. He smiled and gave me good service. The point here is that instead of condemning the guy and being angry (even though I felt frustrated) as I ordered my food, I chose to be nice, even though in my mind I felt inconvenienced. I realized that maybe he didn’t understand the value of customer service like I do or maybe his boss reamed him for not having that chicken cut up ahead of time. In any case, I chose not to let my outlook be negative. I left the line feeling good about myself because I chose (for me) to be positive. It’s not easy; I understand that all too well. However, I felt better inside about being nice to the man instead of complaining. I also had a really good rest of the day by not harboring anger about the lunch line. Being human is natural but understanding ourselves better by looking at each situation we encounter on a daily basis like these are learning opportunities and subtle ways for us to change our thinking and the way we view life.

What is your outlook on life?