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The Healing sign of Angels and a Manatee


Photo courtesy of Google
I love manatees, they are magnificent creatures.

“All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” ~Swami Vivekananda

I wanted to share about a recent experience I had from my Angels that really spoke to my heart. Through my journey of understanding myself, my intuition, my guides and Angels; I have been getting so many signs that in the past – I would reluctantly question. For example, if I would see a strange number like 547 (I just made this number up) and think nothing of it but it would repeatedly come to my attention again and again in which I would finally question the validity of it like it was just a coincidence. However, in the recent years and more so months, I have learned not to question but to accept any signs that have clearly been guided and communicated to me. I have been getting many signs and messages that I am learning to NOT ignore like I have in the past. I had such an amazing experience the other day and wanted to share because of the energy shift that came over me and the love and peace I instantly felt in my heart.

My energy was heavy on this day weighing over me because of some major life decisions I am in the process of making. I am learning to keep this negative energy away as it does not help in times of tough decisions. Instead, I am learning to allow my good energy to stay strong within myself. However, on this day I wasn’t feeling so incredibly strong and doubted myself and the decisions that I have to face. This has been a love / hate connection that’s been battling inside me for some time.

I was on the phone with a friend and walked out onto my balcony. I live in a high-rise building about 300 feet above sea level, off the coast of the Atlantic where I can see the ocean and a beautiful river canal that connects to the inter-coastal waters beneath me. As I stepped onto my balcony to get some fresh air, I looked down and saw what I thought was either a shark or dolphin. Rare and odd I thought, there have never been any visible animals in this canal. Living at 300 feet it can be a little unclear if anything was swimming in the canal. However, upon a closer glance I saw it was clearly a manatee. I INSTANTLY became energized and excited and thought: “NO WAY!!” Manatees have NEVER been in this river canal and if they have been, it has been extremely rare and I have never seen them. Manatees live in more shallow water and sleep most of the day. This river canal is very deep and is a busy channel for yachts and boats. Anyway, as I looked down and realized that what I saw was indeed a manatee, I was blown away and saw 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 and then 7. My eyes had to be popping out of my head because I was just so IN SHOCK to see a manatee in this river canal. I also noticed there was also a baby swimming with the pack. It was an incredible moment and highly energetic moment for me to see this.


Photo by Krissy © MSH
The photo isn’t very clear but you can see a glimpse of three of the manatees with the baby on the end.

I did manage to snap a quick picture of them but I was not able to get the entire group and it is not a very clear photo as they were swimming kind of fast, ironically enough, they are very slow. At first, I just thought…“what a cool and unusual coincidence.” However, I was guided to go onto the balcony and look down at the exact moment they were swimming by. So therefore, I realized none of this is coincidence and it is in my best interest to STOP questioning. I realized I was meant to see that family of manatees and that since there were 7 manatees in the pack, that number was also significant. I also realized that the word manatee is 7 letters. When my thoughts started connecting the dots here, I began to feel the guidance within.

The message of seeing these incredibly beautiful and magnificent creatures just instantly uplifted my energy as well as encouraged me since I was feeling a little askew that day. The message between the manatees and the number 7 translated from the Angels as letting me know that I need to be gentler with myself and patient and that despite the heavy burdens of the upcoming decisions that I have to make, all will work out and to relax. They were also wanting me to stop and recognize the work I have done and that I’m on the right path and things will positively flow for me and that it’s important for me to keep up my momentum and enthusiasm and that it’s a beneficial time for me to learn and that with more positive thoughts, my ambitions and obstacles will be overcame.

I thought this was such an AMAZING message and BRILLIANT example of a sign from Angels. So important, that I wanted to share with anyone that questions the signs they receive. Deep down, we know when it’s a sign and not just a coincidence so don’t question, just accept it and trust it with love and know that you are being guided in every way.