I am deeply humbled and overjoyed with appreciation that many inspiring bloggers have lovingly shared their various and honorable awards with me. It is hard to find words to express how sincere with gratitude I am that they have honored me and my writing in such a loving and heartfelt way. I am extremely elated that my work has touched those that have inspired and motivated me.

In the interest of avoiding blogger burn-out, I say this with respect and love, I have decided to no longer accept awards. I am always sincerely appreciative that another talented, creative, gifted and unique writer would consider me for such an honor. However, I have dedicated my entire website as a sharing community on all pages and this one is no exception. I encourage everyone to visit other inspiring bloggers by discovering for yourself how their writing can motivate and capture your soul with their healing stories and wonderful journeys through the brilliance of their words.

In the spirit of continuing to share awards with readers and other bloggers; feel free to share your awards here and your list of nominee’s. It is always exciting to discover a new blog that inspires, motivates and encourages.


You can click an award (below) to read about the wonderful blogger who nominated me and my nominations. I am so very thankful to each for nominating me. Many blessings and gratitude to all the wonderful writers, photographers and poets in these lists who share their unique inner gifts with us. Most of all, much love and gratitude to you for visiting my blog and sharing your soulful journey with us.



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