About the Author

Photo By Krissy © MSH

Welcome to my blog, my name is Krissy and I want to Thank You for stopping by and taking a moment to learn about me. I am the author and founder of My Soulful Healing (MSH). I have always held a profound passion for understanding people, self-healing and personal development. I earned my degrees in Psychology and found my career passion in helping others discover their highest potential.These interests are what encouraged me to start MSH and share my passion with you. MSH is a place for you to find inspiration from a spiritual perspective to guide you in healing your soul and finding serenity and inner peace!

It is my belief that every person is valuable, created equal (but not necessarily treated equal) and has a greater inner-potential which is commonly underdeveloped and most often misunderstood. Understanding people is the greatest importance to me and that starts with understanding the self. Looking into my life and the overwhelming challenges I have faced; has brought a greater appreciation for everyone and their struggles with all life’s challenges. I have learned to trust my inner guidance and realization that healing is the key to fulfilling and freeing the soul (self) bringing greater and deep inner Peace along this journey. I consider myself a continued Soulful Healer and I look forward to taking this wonderful Soulful Journey together.  

Feel free to Contact Me any time. I Love hearing from Soulful Healers, we all help change our World by Supporting and Connecting with each other – one person at a time!

May you find Peace, Inspiration and Healing! ✗o✗o ♥