Michele writes a beautifully written blog on her journey through pain and learning self-compassion with the struggles that have taught her this valuable lesson. She has great insight into what we all struggle with – speaking kindly to ourselves and also in learning to be our own best friend in times of the most difficult hardships. Michele is an exceptional writer and expresses her passion through her blog of memories, thoughts, feelings and second chances. Thank you dear friend for sharing such a heartfelt and most difficult transition. Much love and continued self-compassion.

Words of Compassion, Creativity, & Knowledge

1257262_gulls_in_flightIf we can’t forgive someone else or ourselves, compassion is the next best thing. -Melody Beattie

A few days before last New Year’s Eve, I was trying to update an app on my iPhone, but my phone was running low on memory. I took a look at the apps I still had on my phone that I wasn’t using, when I came across an app I hadn’t used in awhile. I’ve even mentioned this app on my blog before. It’s called Thought Diary. The app is designed to help with reframing negative or ineffectual thoughts and behaviors. When an unfavorable thought comes up, you record the situation, what you’re thinking about the situation, and the percentage you believe it. Then you record the “thinking error,” (i.e. black and white thinking), come up with a new thought to replace the old thought and record the percentage you believe the new…

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