Abundance Prayer

I have been studying the power of prayer and the best way to pray. I am in the process of creating a prayer book with wonderful messages that really speak out from the depths of our heart. Prayer is so powerful. I admit I never used prayer much in my life until now but something inside me feels the overwhelming urge to pray, learning the power in prayer and its use for the best good of all. I posted this prayer on Twitter and Facebook this morning but wanted to re-post here for you.

This abundance prayer is very powerful and anytime you pray no matter what you are speaking to God about in your private moments, always speak from your Heart and with feeling! What I have learned is that God is listening but your prayers are heard ten fold when you really speak from your Heart. I wish for you abundance, happiness and blessings! ❤

Abundance Prayer



15 thoughts on “Abundance Prayer

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    1. My Soulful Healing Post author

      I’m SO glad you found it! You were meant to. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Please keep so you can read whenever you are guided. Much love and blessings! XO

  2. helen

    Thank u for this wonderful prayer , i have been saying it and i get help with money with certain things come up , I’ll keep saying it ,andmy needs of other concerns will be help also thank u godbless


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