Suffering and Lessons of 2012

nature“Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it; there is no way of life.” ~ Angelina Jolie

I know we already rung in the new year of 2013 and to some this post may be a little late. However, the year of 2012 was such an important time in all our lives; I wanted to share some vital lessons I learned where hopefully you will benefit. My Soulful Healing was built on the essential to promote human healing. In one way or another we all suffer whether we realize it or not. Granted, some of us have evolved enough that suffering is not an integral part of our daily lives and for the rest of us; suffering is conventional in many areas of our lives.

Over this last year, I have learned that suffering is optional in life. It doesn’t seem possible that we can choose to suffer when it usually sneaks up on us and smacks us in the face at the most inopportune moment but it is so.  You might be saying, “I lost a loved one that passed away,” or “My spouse or significant other broke up with me,” or “I have had financial and job loss.” How can we choose to not feel suffering from the most significant of events to the most insignificant of events?

Over the course of the last two years, I can attest to personal, multiple and significant losses accompanied with pain and more importantly how the combination of the two can really drive a person into self-destruction, continual suffering and eventually ruin. Not every facet of life is glamorous and we certainly have to pay our fair share of loss in order to experience and gain! We can only gain from the loss we endure, yes I said that! You might be shaking your head in disagreement about this, saying, “How can one gain from loss?” Looking at the concept and the actuality of what you have lost from a human perspective I would agree with you. However, looking at this from a spiritual perspective, there is much to be explored.

Loss equals pain and pain equals suffering! However, God is our life energy source and our creator. God does not give us the suffering, we create that. He does allow loss in our lives for specific reasons assigned to each of us individually. However, loss is for our soul’s higher purpose and benefit and we may not always understand it from a human perspective. The concept of suffering escorts the same concept of all life lessons: if we learn from it, we should not have to endure it again! So spiritually speaking, once we adopt the lesson of the loss, we do not have to suffer and put ourselves through undue pain. The initial pain is usually hard enough, right? We owe it to ourselves but more importantly, the evolvement of our soul, to look at the broader picture and deal with the loss head on and allow and accept the pain that naturally initiates as a result of the loss but that is where it should end. We should say to ourselves: “Okay self, I cannot control this loss that occurred it is in God’s hands and it is for my greater good in some capacity or another and I may not understand why but with that I must accept it and not allow the loss to cause and create any undue suffering for myself.” You and I cannot control the events of the world or control people, their lives, their fate, their purpose and so on! God controls! Therefore, having faith in our creator allows us to appreciate that we are not always promised a smooth ride in life and there will be apparent loss at times accompanied with pain but the suffering is what is in our control.

I have learned through the year of 2012 to accept loss with grace, bless it and thank it for its purpose in my life and move on. The Almighty has decided it’s time for me to move on and with that comes gain! In other words, do not hold onto whatever it is that you must lose: a job, money, a relationship, friendship, and death of a loved one and many more. What God takes away, he replaces. I know losing a loved one can never be replaced but have faith and confidence in our creator that the loss you endured was for your greater good and that better things are ahead. It’s hard to think of losing a loved one as for our greater good but it may not be about us in that situation. If you believe in our creator and that life happens on God’s time table not ours then we can see the greater good in someone’s passing. It is their destiny and their time. They have learned whatever it is they were sent here to learn and God wants them to come home as their suffering has ended. It is actually quite uplifting and calming to know our loved ones are safe and waiting for us on the other side. It is only our own suffering that endures because we give rise to it and our hold on not letting them go. We should feel honored they blessed our lives in the capacity that they did and honor them with the courage to move forward in our lives; as we will meet up with them again someday. There is a lot of comfort in really feeling this.

Anytime you feel pain, take a step back and ask yourself: “Is the pain a direct reflection of the loss you endured or is it continued suffering based on what you are not allowing yourself to let go of?” You do not have to re-live negative events to learn from them. I lost my beloved Labrador Retriever, Yogi back in 2009 and I allowed myself undue suffering for years until I made peace with his destiny and mine. There will always be a void in my heart but it is this lesson that allows me to move forward with peace. It was our time to part. I may not have been ready for it but it was God’s decision and I have to trust that God has Yogi’s and my greater good in mind. I learned from his death and I hope whatever loss you are facing, you can learn that it is for your greatest good, even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Have faith and above all give yourself the gift of peace! It is okay to feel the pain but don’t hold onto it, thank it, bless it and release it for its purpose so that you can move forward in your life.

My 2013 wish for you:

“To let go of all the old baggage you are carrying around and free yourself to live for today! Feel the shift of 2012 and move with it, ascend to your highest capacity that allows your soul to evolve, gain greater faith, live free and be the leader and hold the beacon of light for yourself and others!”

I wish for everyone a very blessed and peaceful 2013!



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