A Tribute to our Troops

This post is dedicated to all military, law enforcement, first responders, animal police, K-9’s and all those who dedicate their lives for the service and greater good of our great country and to their supportive families who sacrifice so much.

Photo By Krissy courtesy of fotosearch

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” ~Frederick Keonig

Words really cannot express the heartfelt gratitude that I (and our Country) want to express to those who have sacrificed so much for our safety and freedom. With the Holiday Season upon us, I wanted to take a moment to pause and dedicate a Blessing and sincere Thank You to all the special people and animals who are dedicating their lives and who have given their lives for the greater good of humanity and our great country. It is easy to forget how blessed we truly are and how much we already have. We have been given a rare gift, a gift of freedom, peace of mind and safety and we did not even have to ask for this. We have been truly blessed. Our blessing guarantee’s us the luxury to sleep in peace and comfort each night and wake each day to a new dawn with the security of freedom and safety in each breath we take.

My heart feels so much love thinking of all the countless, selfless brave who have pledged and dedicated their lives so we could have these amazing gifts that only God could grant. Our Troops are a pure blessing from God and with that, we Honor You and acknowledge your heroism, allegiance, loyalty and gratitude for humanity. Your noble heart shines on us all and teaches us that we are truly blessed for all we have but most importantly, you! Without your service, strength and heart we would not have these amazing gifts that you provided to us all.

A Civilian Salute

By civilians, your name may not be immediately known; but never fear dear solider, because of you, our great country has forever been shown;

Your sacrifice, bravery, courage and heart; without your will and strength our world would most assuredly fall apart.

As our front line leaders, you demonstrate and teach us the most important thing in life; no matter how hard things get you must never give up, you have to get up, get out there and fight!

Your character upholds and expresses the greatest accomplishment to man; to be true to your heart, love your country and fellow-man, flagging the way — creating our American plan.

You are sacrificing your life for the greater good of us all; this commitment forever withstands shines greatly and exhibits as you stand so brave and tall.

For those that have served and passed in the line of duty, we respectfully thank you and tearfully wish you well on your next journey; as in our hearts you are free at last, truly.

On the battle field your body may have been bloodshot, but your soul is now free and we honor you as you will never be forgot.

We can never forget the animal soldier’s so strong that vowed; our K-9 companions that we are forever so proud.

For all that gave their lives for us all; we honor you proudly as you fall. But be reassured you didn’t fall because you’re weak; God was calling you home because you are so very unique.

As for the families of all the brave; you too are in our hearts as you also sacrificed and gave.

Words can never express the gratitude and appreciation for all our respected troops; we honor and bless you and may you always remember our humble civilian salute.

Wishing every solider, wherever you are: peace, love, blessings and Happy Holidays a far!


*This article may ONLY be shared with full credit back to this site and this author. It cannot be duplicated in any other way without express and written consent from this blog’s author.


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