Wine to Water, Listening to Our Inner Guidance

Photo By Krissy Origami Copyright

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.  ~Buddha

Recently, I listened to a most powerful and moving speech given by the founder and president of “Wine to Water,” Doc Hendley.  He spoke about his touching story and how he came to the vision of “Wine to Water.” For those that are not familiar with him, his mission or company, Wine to Water; he created a non-profit organization that focuses on assisting and providing clean, safe drinking water to disadvantaged and underprivileged people in many countries around the world.  A most challenging goal but proven successful and honorable by his genuine and heartfelt vision!

As I sat there listening, I couldn’t help but really hear the true underlying message of what he was really speaking about. It wasn’t so much in the success of his mission (an awesome, motivating and inspiring one to say the least)! He wasn’t touting about his personal success and the success of his company, as we most often hear in speeches from founders and presidents of companies! No, he spoke from his heart and made himself vulnerable to each of us listening. He was telling the story of his journey as he discovered his true purpose in life that God had planned for him. Tears touched my cheeks as I listened to how he struggled (like most of us) trying to figure out what our own true mission and purpose is in life. He talked about his self-doubt, feeling the life pressure we all face and the insecurity of not knowing where he belonged and what he wanted to do! He even discussed college and how he felt that wasn’t really preparing him for what he was destined to do (at which time he didn’t know yet but felt it).

The genuine emotion behind his words are what really resonated with me. I particularly loved his story behind his bar-tending days and how happy he was doing that type of work. Most of us would probably think bar-tending, serving and being on our feet all day would be miserable. Not him, he discussed how the service industry feels like home and how we are all on the same level. In other words, patrons sitting at the bar could consist of any mixed group of people: a doctor, a teacher, a trash collector, an unemployed person, a janitor, a college dropout etc., and the reality is that while there, we are all at the same level. I thought that was a very enlightening and interesting perspective.

What most inspired me was his honesty and how he discussed his background and how he felt growing up which led to his dim outlook of not feeling like he would amount to anything in life other than “staying out of jail,” as he joked. He wasn’t your typical, stereotypical high level executive wearing a sophisticated business suit from a high-end retailer, holding an entitlement ego. No, he was someone I actually admired and could relate to as I listened and felt the motivation behind his emotions.  His passion and heart for wanting to really help those around the world that die from unsafe drinking water, something we all take for granted, really spoke to me.  His message was clear that he discovered his purpose when the name “Wine to Water,” popped in his head one night! It was a concept that came from his inner guidance and motivated him to take action on the next step which led to the next and so on. He admitted he had no idea what to do with it, but it was a feeling that burned inside him and prompted him to take action. Now he is living his life of purpose, helping so many and motivating the rest of us.

His speech was not only motivational and inspiring; it led me to start making an instant change in my own life and to write about his vision, something most of us just brush aside when we are prompted by our inner guidance. We don’t trust it and many do not believe they have it!

What many of us can believe is, relating to that feeling of uncertainty in life that Doc felt.  We also experience that “Not quite sure where I belong” feeling or “What is my purpose” question? Once we hear a motivational speech like his we get inspired but then lose that momentum the minute we get back to our hum-drum lives. The reason is that we don’t believe in ourselves and our ego tells us that the life we already have is the best that we can do. We don’t trust our own inner guidance or listen to it is because we are afraid of the unknown, the hard work we must do and we focus on how far we have left to go instead of how far we have already come. In order for us to start making a difference in our own life today, we must trust and listen to our inner guidance, and follow where it is guiding us to go in order for us to get where it is we are ultimately going! All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then listen.

Use Doc’s story as a motivation, he didn’t know where he would end up? He didn’t know how powerful the concept of, “Wine to Water” really was? He just knew that his inner guidance led him to that name and concept and he followed it! Simple as that! Doc believed in his vision and started taking action toward the next steps (even though he disclosed not knowing what to do). He took a chance, a risk and followed his inner guidance to what God had planned for his life and for his purpose. Now, he has been rewarded for following his intuition, and his vision is a reality and he is helping millions around the world. Not too shabby, I would say, considering he started out like most of us not really knowing what direction to go? He didn’t start out with the full, complete vision of being the leader and pioneer for bringing the underprivileged in the world to clean, safe drinking water! No, he started with the vision of a name, a title and the heart behind his sincerity for really wanting to help people. That’s all it took and now look at him!

Someone reading this right now is probably thinking, “But I’m not psychic, how can I listen to my inner guidance?”  We are all imbued with inner guidance and you do not have to be “Psychic” to hear it! A good example that almost everyone can relate to is that “gut” feeling in the pit of your stomach. The feeling when it tries to tell you, you shouldn’t do something when you are considering doing it? Then finding out the reality behind listening to that feeling was correct!

The overall moral to the story is that when you feel the impulse of God working through you, like in Doc’s case with that “inner guidance,” “gut feeling” or “intuition,” however you feel comfortable referring to it — FOLLOW IT! The words… “Wine to Water,” how could Doc know there could be a more profound meaning and purpose behind it? Don’t doubt yourself, the worse that could happen is you not taking action and not believing that you were given this insight for a higher purpose. You may not be destined like Doc to conquer such a big feat but your purpose is divine and is profound and is uniquely yours, believe in it, believe in YOU!



4 thoughts on “Wine to Water, Listening to Our Inner Guidance

  1. Several Starry Nights

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. I read an article on Forbes yesterday about “20-somethings” like myself and I felt it was so closed-minded and was judgemental towards 20-somethings who are still trying to figure everything out. Being a 25 year old who has student debt, working part-time (in the industry I went to college for), but still living at home, it really hurt my feelings. The worse was the section that stated “you’ll never catch up with what you want to do when you turn 30” really caused a great deal of anxiety for me! But your article was the total counter-argument and it made me feel WAY better!!! It’s great to hear a success story like Doc’s who seemed patient to find his “calling in life” and was driven, motivated, and bold enough to make it a reality. I was drawn to reading it because your opening Buddha quote is on the back side of my business cards, then I got hooked on the whole article. I’m interested in learning more about Doc’s Wine to Water organization, so I’ll have to look more into it!

  2. My Soulful Healing Post author

    What a beautiful compliment! Thank you so much! Being a newer blogger, it is nice to receive such heartfelt feedback. Most importantly, I’m glad the article helped shed a new perspective from the one you read by Forbes. Don’t let others limited views and negativity discourage you! 🙂 If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that age has nothing to do with our divine purpose. Society puts too much pressure on us to find our “true calling” by the age of 30. Age is only a number and the reality is, some of us never really figure our lives out even at 40 or 50. But don’t let that discourage you either, don’t compare with age or others, just enjoy your unique life, your career and journey as it unfolds. Most all of us struggle in our 20’s but that doesn’t prove we will in our 30’s. You are where you are suppose to be for now. Follow your heart and inner guidance, it will lead you in the right direction!:) The rest will come! Doc’s story is inspiring and I definitely encourage you to look at his site. Blessings and love ♡

  3. laurenc129

    There is a lot of pressure to find both a “true calling” and also to give up on that and just do something (settle). I find that people sort of stand on both sides of the line, and I think that what we have to sacrifice for survival’s sake can often become the barrier to finding where we want to go, instead of the launching pad we intended it to be. It’s hard not to get stuck. And it’s hard to have the courage to leave and try again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My Soulful Healing Post author

    Totally agree! It’s always difficult, definitely not an easy road for any of us unfortunately. Many of us do settle and there’s always that delicate balance between earning a living and being happy at what we do. Not just being generally happy but feeling “fulfilled.” Sometimes what we are really skilled at doing differs from what we are truly “passionate” about doing. Therefore, believing, staying positive and taking baby steps for change along the way is all we can ask of ourselves. 🙂 TY for input, very appreciative! Many Blessings xx


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