The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Being a newer member of the Word Press Community, I have recently been nominated for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by: Michele Whitney @ Words of Compassion, Creativity, & Knowledge! I feel very honored, touched and encouraged that she chose me as one of the many that inspire her! She has given me a great joy by acknowledging my blogs with her nomination. I want to say “Thank You” Michele! ♡ I greatly appreciate you introducing me to and choosing me for this award! It means so much to be recognized by a fellow blogger!

Michele equally inspires me and I encourage you to check out and follow her blog, Words of Compassion, Creativity, & Knowledge.

I learned that there are some rules that must be followed with this nomination. I have to share 7 things about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers for this award!

The seven things about me are:

  1. Movie lover!
  2. Nature is my greatest inspiration!
  3. Avid texter! ()
  4. My two 6 lb Yorkies rule my house and heart! ♡
  5. Keurig coffee addict!
  6. Tweetaholic 🙂
  7. Favorite time of day is early morning and the beautiful sky! ♡

My nominations are:



Thank you again to Michele, all the bloggers who inspire me and to all my readers who encourage me to keep My Soulful Healing alive and ticking!



4 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. SkiDaddy

    Congratulations on your nomination, from what I see you deserve it.
    Thanks too for following my blog, I hope I can provide you with some food for thought as well.


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