Following Our Intuition

“Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.” ~Unknown~

Have you ever felt your life is well…..hum drum or boring? You’re not alone! Challenging ourselves to come out of our own comfort zone is difficult. It is easy to continue living the way we do because it is familiar and there seems to be too much work involved if we try to change.

Have you ever stayed in job or position because you felt it was too much work to leave it or change it because other people talked you out of considering new opportunities or maybe you talked yourself out of changing it? Did this mind-set make you fear “loosing” a good opportunity?

Have you ever considered buying something you couldn’t afford and maybe didn’t really want? Maybe solely because your friends bought one and you didn’t want to somehow miss out on feeling part of the in-crowd?

Have you ever swallowed an idea in a meeting because the group seemed to be going in a different direction—even though you felt strongly opposed to their ideas?

We are emotional beings which is not a bad thing. Our own mind and intuition is very powerful and is one of our most valuable tools that helps us learn and utilize our experiences and life lessons. Social pressure can dramatically impair our ability to both weigh our choices logically and follow our gut instincts. When we ignore what we believe is right and really want—underneath our desire to avoid loss and look good—we set ourselves up for internal conflict and pain. In addition, our life seems to become more difficult because we instinctively ignored our inner intuition. It is up to us to recognize when we are just being emotional versus using our inner guidance. This leads us toward making smart, important choices for our own life. When our inner gut or intuition is guiding us to choose for the sake of our own happiness versus the popularity of the crowd, we must listen. We can all think of a time or example when we did not listen to our own guidance about a decision and therefore lost out on something that would have enhanced our lives. No one else can live our lives or face our consequences. It is up to us, you to make good decisions for the self and to live a happy, fulfilling life. Don’t take the road of least resistance just because it is easy. Take a step outside of that comfort box once in a while to feel free and take the more challenging road when your intuition guides you there. We all have this built-in gift for a reason!

What is your inner guidance telling you?


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