Getting In Tune With Your Awareness

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou~

Soulful Tip: Let today be about getting In Tune with your Awareness:

When I reference awareness, I am referring to your inner sense, that “gut” feeling we all have but sometimes ignore. It’s not easy to always be in tune with ourselves but some instances are very obvious. Have you ever walked into a room you’ve never been in and in a strange place only to see all eyes starring at you? The hair that stands up on the back of your neck is a good indicator that your gut is telling you something in this instance. There are other less obvious times that your gut will tell you something but we may miss it. For example, if you really want to buy a new car but your gut is telling you to wait until your finances are in a better position but you buy the car anyway. Your inner gut was probing you that this was not the right timing but by being patient you will be able to. Listening to that inner awareness just when we really want that new car goes against our ego. The question becomes gut verses ego? Ego can steer us in the wrong direction but gut is our inner awareness that never steers us wrong. We may not like the answers it provides sometimes but it always looks out for our personal best and highest good.

A few years ago, I ended a very bad relationship that was obvious to so many people (from the start) except me, that it was not good for me. However, I chose to believe different and I dated this person anyway. I went against my initial gut that warned me upfront about all the things I was going to find out later but instead the hard way, since I dismissed my initial awareness.  I ignored my gut because my ego was telling me this person seemed like they really liked me by all their actions and I began to feel very important to this person. Feeling this way initially made me question my gut and just push this awareness aside. Underneath, I knew that I should not date this person in the beginning due to all the warnings I was receiving and it was telling me very strong but I went against my inner guidance only to realize that I should have listened! I was warned but ignored it due to my ego telling me, “he’s a nice guy that seems really into me?” I learned the hard way, needless to say! For many reasons, it was best I leave that relationship as it did not serve my best and highest good and left me feeling very empty and I began to question my own self-worth. There were countless and numerous things he did that were unforgivable and even cruel. Overall, today, when I think of my error in judgement by dating him and realizing I went against my gut and then looking back at how he made me feel; I am very angry at myself in some respects because that was a very hard lesson to learn. However, the lesson is what made me never question my gut again no matter how different my ego feels. In the end, after all the things this person said and did, I can only remember the overall feeling I have when thinking of him. Needless to say, my feeling is not a good one and is a harsh reminder of my lesson. The good news is that this lesson alone is all it took for me to listen to my own inner awareness from here on out.

There will be many people in your life that come and go.  However, when you look back and think of them you will only remember how they made you feel in the end. If you think back to someone you knew many years ago, your initial thought is either…”oh I really liked them, or wow glad I do not have to see them ever again.” Allow yourself to really sit, breathe, let your mind clear and become more aware of your inner guidance so the next time you have it tugging on the heels of your ear to listen, you do!

What can you become more aware of today?



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