“Nothing releases like forgive. Nothing renews like forget.”

~Ray Davis~

I was reading an article the other day about the effects of anger and one’s health.  It was really disturbing and motivated my thinking about how Anger really does impact one’s overall life in so many ways.

No matter how you slice it and dice it, anger is a giant toxin just taking over your entire well-being for its own selfish purpose to feel justified by the ego. I know several people all too well that have allowed anger to take over their entire lives. Think about someone you know or knew like this for a moment …what is the first thing that comes to mind about them? Exactly! They are not worth thinking about because they are so bitter and negative, we usually avoid them. However, consider if others view you this way? Has anyone wronged you leaving you hurt and therefore stored that hurt inside? Whatever the form of anger, you run the risk of impairing your thoughts, feelings and behavior by whoever or whatever you are reacting to.  Subtle ways of anger form in terms of resentment, impatience, irritability, moodiness and negativity and can last for seconds to years. Anger elevates blood pressure and increases the chance of stroke, heart disease, cancer, depression and many other disorders and medical conditions. In addition, angry people usually find relief through destructive coping such as: smoking, drinking, drugs, becoming a workaholic or through perfectionism.

Consider children and how they view anger. They probably do not give it much thought. If a child asks for something like candy and the parents say no, the child might feel rejected and argue back in the moment.  However, children likely get over it and forget and do not store the anger they felt.  Forgetting is good as it allows us to move past it. It is only when we store the anger that it controls our decisions and actions.

Releasing anger is the most important gift you can give yourself. Holding anger inside to feel justified or because you may not want to hurt the other person by confronting them is only hurting you not the other person. Other people hurt us but we do not have to store it inside. We can choose to forgive and free ourselves no matter how painful it may be. Facing the pain is important for our well-being, even if we cannot see it in the moment. We do not have to confront the person and tell them we forgive them; we can choose to forgive them on our own. Are you an angry person inside? If you had the choice would you choose: to hold on to the anger or forgive and release it so you can be free and find peace and joy?



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