Let Your Light Shine

 “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

~Marianne Williamson~

We all have doubts, fears and worries and it comes from that little voice inside that tries to hold us back. It tries to tell us not to express how we feel for fear of making others uncomfortable or exposing ourselves and risk not being liked. It also tells us not to pursue the things we want or even define what it is we want. It tricks us into thinking change is just too hard so why try, just stay as is because the easy thing to do and it proposes no risk. Having dreams? Well, that too becomes a big negative of that tiny voice and it definitely tells us not to even pursue our dreams because we may not be good enough.

The voice can also trick us into thinking it’s selfish to focus on our own wishes and goals and that in order to be a good person we must be more concerned with giving to others than receiving. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin and sometimes the best thing we can give to others is a reminder that we all deserve to live satisfying, fulfilling and engaged lives.

Don’t let that inner voice hold you back. Let your own light shine and let the world know the positive of you.  Make your desires and goals known and make them your priority! Shut that tiny voice up inside and allow yourself to discover your own talents and gifts and begin to use them not just for the sake of the way you think you should but because it is what feels right and good in your heart.

Use your heart to guide you and do not let fear stand in your way. Believe in yourself and allow yourself to believe in what you want. Stand behind it, even if you stand alone. Keep your heart open so you can be moved and inspired often and use that internal light to create something unique that only you could to motivate and inspire the people around you.

Keep in mind that this is your life! You have nothing to prove to anyone, except yourself! There is no one else in the world you have to live up to or become except who you already are. You were created the way you are and that is exactly who you should be! Allow your inner light to shine so others can benefit from your uniqueness that only you can provide the world.



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