“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.”


Anger is a very strong emotion. Anger can control us if we let it. Feelings themselves are neither good nor bad. After all, we have feelings for a reason. However, giving in to our feelings by dwelling on them and allowing them to season us like a spice on a food is what gives our feelings power over us.

Maybe you can relate or know the feeling? If someone hurts you or you find yourself in a difficult situation, the anger is a way for you to feel justified. Anger is like a false way of feeling justified and pretends to act as a good reason to remain angry. Anger seems to give us that false consent that we should stay angry and additionally do something about it like, confronting someone, challenging someone or maybe even hurt someone.

Anger manifests itself in many ways directly and indirectly and often feels good at first but then affects us negatively in many ways thereafter. What truly feels good is allowing the feeling of anger to pass and resisting any urge to do something negatively that we may regret while staying in an anger state of mind.

If something is distressing you out of anger, ask yourself this: Am I willing to torture myself because I feel justified, or would I rather choose peace instead?



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